Collection and recycling

Glass – an amazing material!

Glass is an extremely familiar household material, most frequently encountered as glass packages or jars containing food or drinks, as well as around us in windows, TV sets or in kitchens. The glass is natural, pure, and easy to blow in practically any form, transparent, strong and completely inert, which makes it ideal for packaging.

The environment related issues addressed by the government initiatives or the public awareness increasingly influence the activity of large manufacturing industries. The glass industry manufactures a product which has the great advantage of being entirely recyclable. One of the greatest virtues of glass is, unfortunately, a pure theoretical truth because, in practice, the level of glass packaging recycling in Romania is insignificant. A major part of this glass could be used, recycled or have an alternative utilization. In this case, why should we let tens of thousands of tons of this glass which can be found in Romania’s economy each year in landfills go to waste?

When the waste selected and treated is used to produce glass recipients, apart from the power required by the kiln, the CO2 emissions are reduced by 315 kg per ton of melted glass. In terms of global warming prevention and reduction of CO2 emissions, the best way to recycle glass is in the form of raw material for the manufacturing of new glass packages.

The energy saved by recycling a single bottle will:

• supply a 100-watt light bulb for almost an hour;
• supply a computer for 25 minutes;
• supply a color TV set for 20 minutes;
• supply an automatic washing machine for 10 minutes.

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