About us

TC ROM GLASS S.R.L. is a Romanian company with 100% private capital established in 1992, partner of YIOULA Group since 1999, a group which owns a group of glass packaging and household glassware production units. [...]

Glass packages

As glass packages provider of YIOULA Group in Romania, TC ROM GLASS 's portfolio includes some of the largest wine producers, among which: JIDVEI S.R.L. Filiala Alba, COTNARI S.A., MURFATLAR ROMANIA S.A., VINCON VRANCEA S.A. [...]

Collection and recycling

Glass is an extremely familiar household material, most frequently encountered as glass packages or jars containing food or drinks, as well as around us in windows, TV sets or in kitchens. The glass is natural, pure, and easy to blow in practically any form. [...]


In this section, TC ROM GLASS will provide a series of images and video clips in order to make you familiar with a part of the most important processes which take place during the manufacturing of a bottle, as well as to edify you about the products quality. [...]


Libertatii Avenue no. 10, 4th district, Bucharest

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Mobile: 0723.521.434

Mail: office@tcromglass.ro

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